Confused between two torsos


If you can not speak in the forum then let’s quote what you can say in a private chat xD


No. Zark is the Multipurpose. Decent energy (on the brink of bad but can be fixed with engines) Amazing heat and health.


He said he was sick of seeing Zarkares everywhere.


he swithced all his mechs to zarkares torso right before he was banned so if you’re a rabbid hitler youthesque member of the cult of fluxeon looking to be ever more like senpai, zarkares is your torso.


Why exactly was he banned?


because he cheated alt accounts with fully maxed myths trhat werent paid for.

you can ofcourse continue in delusion and denial past the point the bumbling uncaring and incompetant ts team acknowledged the evidence and banned him to maintain the shiny glint on your cult hero.

if you ask him frankly though he admits himself to what he did.

never meet your heroes, or you lose your heroes.


Chill bro


I’m not perticularly frustrated, I’m just a passionate guy who likes to write, trust me. it brings me pleasure to indulge myself in a good paragraph. that seems weird to a lot of people, but a hobby is a hobby. to me, I’ll never understand golf, the same way I think you musunderstand my hobby for writting.


Actually, he was banned for raid cheating.


aye, aye, whatever.

fact is the guy is a self confessed cheater.

you ask him why he says he wanted to get back at the ts team.

you bring up that hes not just hurting them he’s hurting his fellow players and he calls that shit “collatoral damage”.

arrogant, self-righteous, indulgent and unempathetic.

that’s the plain truth ahbout his actions.

that noone can deny.


I am proud of our Wabbut for what he did. He doesn’t deny it but oh well, he is still a cool guy, and it’s a game.


When it comes to people who don’t like Zarkares that just makes my Sadism kick in.


Hey, stop talking bro. You didn’t like Zarkares to begin with either. And don’t hurt people because of an opinion.


Not yer bro, I loved Zark since it came out.