Compromise: 10-20 fuel rewarded for every 5-10 Arena wins

I think its becoming increasingly obvious that the fuel cut is here to stay. one of the major justifications for the change provided by Mohadib was that it would make fuel rewards more meaningful. however, there is only one fuel reward and its only available once daily. let’s make grinding pay off again by providing a reward of say 10-20 fuel for every 5-10 arena wins you acheive. this means that your goal of meaningful energy rewards which keep players motivated to grind for them will be acheived. perhaps it may even go some way to tackling this excruciating wait for battles.

what do you guys think?

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What energy cut?

Would the energy be added to your mech’s energy pool or be there for the next mission you play?


have you been fapping to anime under a rock lately? the highest levels energy cap was halved while the cost was increased by a factor of 1.5 X.

yes it would be added to your pool the same way as when you complete the 3 battles quest


When you complete the 3 battles quest you get 20 fuel. Not energy. Wtf?

I didnt know there was an energy cut. Does that mean energy mechs are able to drain enemies quicker since everyone has less energy?

Idk im a heater. Havent seen much difference. I think i still have the same amount of energy i did awhile back.


Love u kean :joy: :joy:


okay, fuel then. I was fairly sure everyone would understand what I meant.


I think there are better options:
example: that the extra energy does not cost tokens but in exchange it costs gold according to a scale of increase like the common boxes.

example (they are only demonstrative values of scale, they do not have to be taken literally)

1 recharge = 5,000 gold
2 recharge = 10,000 gold
3 recharge = 15,000 gold
and continue


Nonsense, first boss gives 2000 gold for 4 fuel, your values just don’t fits.

(they are only demonstrative values of scale, they do not have to be taken literally)


giving more rewards for wining in arena rank games further than the 3 daily wins could help to increase popularity which is needed, increasing arena popularity should be devs first goal cause situation is sad… grinders should be most welcome in arena
i dont know what rewards would be but devs could find out how to keep the balance while they attract more players to compete in arena for longer
i would like 1 Token per win :stuck_out_tongue:
this means 30 wins for a refill 75 for a premium box 335 for a premium pack etch.


shameless bump, seems the only no so far is more of a tweak no than a hard no.

we’ll see if we can get to 30 then devs have to consider it (assuming they still go by old forum rules).

if it is true that this is voting for administrators to see that we want a change 30 votes to put this help the quality of SM

@Mohadib @Sarah247

this suggestion seems to be quite popular, can you guys give it some consideration?

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I agree with a change, but I do not agree with your plan, because it will almost demand going to fight to be able to have fuel, it does not make me fair for the great majority who do not have their mechs ready, only favors those who They already have 1 2 or 3 mechs ready. that’s the reason of my vote

if you dont want to fight for the feul you will still have your standard amount of fuel you have right now. the suggestion was created as a compromise between the players who feel the cut was too harsh and mohadib who wishes to make fuel rewards more meaningful. therefore I proposed an additional reward system as the current game is very lacking in this (only one daily mission). I don’t think mohadib will be particularly keen on your suggestion of fuel for coins as it would render token for fuel exchange mostly useless. in regards to it being “unfair” for those who don’t have their mechs ready, well tough. if you lose battles frequently then yes, you’re going to have a harder time than those who win battles frequently. it’s always been this way. why shouldn’t it be this way? anyone determined and competant can climb the ranks quite steadily it just takes a can-do attitude which generally doesnt come from people stating winners being rewarded is “unfair”. just a bit of tough love for you there, buddy.

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I was 30th yes vote …,.,!!! 20 char is stupid

I said that it was unfair for the weakest does not mean that I am included, we should not act according to our convenience, but in the convenience of the majority

that’s not adressing my arguments. that is meaningless platitude.

my proposal favors everyone in general, not just a few. That is my biggest argument. to favor all players equally.

you’re acting like there are people who are litterally unable to win arena battles. sure, they may lose a lot but there are very few people, unless they’re fresh out of the tutorial and are nowhere near the point of worrying about extra fuel anyway, that litterally lose all their battles.

Yes, there are people who win a greater portion of their battles so will get more fuel from this proposal if implemented. so what? they also get more coins and exp. they also get a higher ladder rank. where does it end? are these rewards “unfair” too?

yes, you get rewards for winning battles. yes, players with worse mechs have a harder time getting these rewards. now, without using moral sophistry so weak even Marx would have disregarded it as hippy drivel, explain to me why this is “unfair”.

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