Completey legacy mech


found this dude today in arena
20 PM
Thought it was pretty cool


Oh shit i meant to put this in spam


That looks nice.
Talk about them old school builds :))


i use to have a build similar to this before the big update


looks like a close-range heat mech… pretty cool. Did it have good stats?


Probably nope for current standards.


Hey, you never know. Plus knowing the stats would allow me to imagine fighting it with my own mech :grin:




I miss those builds , the physical legendary shotgun build was super awesome , and the double side weapons rocket ones (I completely forgot what they were called) and the rocket top weapon with pull and heat shotgun … Was more fun in those days

I never got one firewall though , I really wanted it , it was the OPest weapon for a heat build lol


This one?

Also found


Yea, it was a nice looking mech. I talked to the guy, said he had not been on since before reloaded


Metal shredder



Glorious. (20000000)


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Yep that one :slight_smile:


Thanks, I meant to post it in spam but I put it in general discussions by accident