Complete all achievements reward?


like the tititle said , it is a huge achievement resting at the last , rewarding the player for completing every single achievements in game , the reward can be a bunch of prenium pack item boxes or legendary of choice that you can choose , what do you think about this idea ?


Sure, I like it.


tacticsfost won’t agree…But good idea


Ive already completed all of the achievements. So yes xD


It’s cool! Love it! .


In my case, achievements are bugged - I did all, yet always remains ‘2 more’ … two of those ‘complete 1000’…


Lol I thought I was the only one with that “2 more” problem.


Hey do you make those sprites?


I extracted them from another mobile game called metal slug attack and made them into gif


i think this is a good idea. but if the did let you choose a legendary of choice then people would go for the most op items. supermechs makes these items hard to get for a reason so that people will buy chests to get them if they made them a guaranteed there is a less chance of people buying chests that is why I think supermechs would never except this idea