Compilation of mythical maxxed drones with hidden stats

Greetings, Pilots,
Just a note that I compiled all the info from the forum into a snap video on mythical maxxed drones. Visit my YT channel to find out more:

Other item classes will follow soon!


ok @Mordulec

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i still don’t know where to look for or how to figure out the items hidden stats…O_O

(probably that’s why hidden…:rofl:…)

Check their stats during the battle…they are in dark-purple ^^

thank you!!..

Here for you …

… there you should find most hidden stats :exclamation:

Glad to be able to help you :grey_exclamation:



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Just wondering, if you want to know if a non-myth item has hidden stats, how do you see it on the list ? ^^

I paid carefull attention to including all stats (also hidden) into my video. So now when you look for specific item (e.g. drone), you got the following information:

I edited the image and now you can see the hidden stats as well (12 energy and heat damage). I know this is confusing, hence my idea for videos!