Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


That is Kurt faking Cobain
Holy, poor me, i thought the man wouldnt suffer from genration gaps for milleniums. Thats tough. Must be painful for you too, good girl @Misfit


Yea this update was pretty stupid it hurt 1v1 mechs a lot but luckily my second mech is almost equally as good as my first mech.


I know about Cobain. I also know that the avatar does not define gender. But rhetoric in the format of verbal diarrhea is quite inherent in behavior.

Don’t worry, Gorgontua, it’s not so bad, because it will be worse.
For time is irreversible, including wasted on games and empty skirmishes.
Meet me at the arena, now you have five chances a day.


You clarifying that had me shocked. Apologies for thinking you were a guy Misfit.



Lol, i have no idea if misfit is a guy or a girl, that was just me joking around with previous posts :). Id say a guy tho. Good girl misfit


Misfit is a beautiful young lady. :slight_smile:


Off Topic: Fluxeon, how did you finish the raid perfectly?..I see you are in the top 10


with flowing blonde hair and perky tits.


Misfit is a trap


Wait,you a girl?!
What the…
Dude,I swear,you talk like a guy,you keep a guy’s attitude,you swear like a guy etc.
I don’t know what to believe anyone.


damn, if only this thread had happened on april 1st.


This has to be the second worst thing cause of the Single bot builds will suffer greatly, Making them build a second bot and get set down due to the 2v1 Situation, Can you at least make a 1v1 that’s just like normal but has like a 50% difference, Like If you win you won’t get a star unless you win again next round? Though this is probably worse than this…


You realize i said “BEFORE”?


Thats quite the old comment to reply to.


Did not realised that you thinked abot that in 1 month.



Glad to see someone still kicking this thread around. :wink:


2 v 2 forced … It is a failed experiment and should be reverted to the old system …


When you realize the dude you actually like revived a dead topic


Please bring back 1v1 and 3v3 why we need forced 2v2 ??


I will eat my table if 1v1 and 3v3 returns