Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


Depends on perspective bro. It may be Gypsy ####ing Danger to some people, but to me it’s a sad POS.


Ok.(20 charatghebui(lol i am spaming cus i have no words))


Indeed,this is the worst update after Reloaded.

It’s not even an update,it’s a downgrade/degrade.
I still don’t know who lied to them to make them think 1v1 and 3v3 were not good enough.
Whoever did,I’d kick them in the face.


My 2nd mech isn’t shitty Lol, both my mechs are almost maxed.


Al principio estuve perdiendo mucho, luego me acostumbre y probe muchas formulas, después encontré mi formula ideal y me centre en solo hacer daño.
< Lo que hasta ahora me ha funcionado, es evidente que ya luego todos tengan 20% pues se va equilibrar el asunto.
< Realmente considero ha despertado la rivalidad entre los clanes, sacándonos de nuestra zona de confort que era 3vs3 para muchos de los tops.
< En lo personal me ha encantado después de encontrarle el chiste claro esta XD!


Just wait a few seasons and everything will be back to normal. I’ve gotten past the point where I’m angry about this update.


2v2 the arena has become a tool for the cheater parade in the League - three or four valiant, five the myth of the plates and hop-to-top.


Personally, I in strike - mandatory programs to fuel the campaign, and the daily quest is enough.
Arena is uninteresting and unpleasant.


There are still other games to pass the time.


you don’t have to be a hacker to get four valient snipers or five myth plates.

you know what happened to the boy who cried hacker don’t you?



maybe, maybe
So, let struggle with themselves with a roar of shells rustling valiant and creaking plates.
I don’t mind.

SM in this configuration ceased to exist as a game and became the rating of the purse and tricks, on all sides hung tinsel raids, coins, skills, and other rubbish.

Did I use the term hacker somewhere?


getting used to 2vs2


oh, shut up. with your skill for melodrama and self aborbed monologue you’d go far in any gaggle of beret wearing, wine sipping art fags. the update happened, get over it. everyone else has.

you used the term cheater which is virtually the same thing and you know it. stop being such a pedant.

The Claw - Weight at mythical tier has been fixed

Please do not start arguing with someone due to them disliking this update. Same for you 11_11.

(and the two words are indeed different, and absorbed*).


my complaint was not that he disliked the update, it was that he joined in on the hysterical witch hunt for cheaters and hackers in which he characterised those who had 4 snipers or some myth plates as under suspicion. I assume he did this from a position of ignorance as a ftp player, if he wasnt he has no excuse. either way, his allegations are slanderous and worthy of being challenged.

I also found his melodramatic rant to be over the top now the dust has settled but it was his argument that players with 4 VS must be hackers that really rubbed me the wrong way.

not that I have to explain myself or my decision to post whatever I damn please on the subject to you, a non-moderator.


Well I suggest you do one thing.

Stop allowing peoples cries on the internet to trigger you. I may not be a mod, but even I can tell you to stop arguing (and I told him as well).


stop letting my being triggered trigger you.

what’s that? you aren’t triggered and you feel irritated that I assumed you were? learned anything yet?

this is a forum for the discussion of battledawn and supermechs, someone said something I took objection to, so I expressed my objection and the reasons for it. you then elected yourself the virtuous moderator who takes it upon themselves to shut down discusions which displease you personally.

and, hey, since we’re giving eachother advice here, maybe its you who should refrain from posting if you don’t think posts should be made on the matter anymore. lead by example, my dear.


I’m not mad nor triggered.

But since you want to be a snobby little shit about it.

I asked you to stop and not continue the argument. Nothing more, nothing less. You didn’t need to add your input and continue being a baby about it.

I’ll stop replying now just due to the fact you are just terrible. (as am I, but you can see I could give less a shit).


I was attempting to illustrate that while you attempted to read my mind and call me triggered, I wasn’t. I did so by doing the same to you. get it yet?

and I found this to be objectionable as I was shutting down slanderous lies which target both myself and several of my clan mates. I find this myth that players who have a fair amount of premium items to be likely cheaters to be dangerous. I myself have personally experienced at the start many many allegations of being a cheater/hacker due to my good fortune of happening upon 2 myth plates at the start. therefore I’m more aware of just how wrong these allegations often are. with the exception of kig and crew there are very few actual hackers/cheaters in SM as far as I can tell.

super sad we aren’t BFFs anymore.


I expressed my opinion, if she saw a hint of herself - this is only her problem.



But if I may, Misfit is a guy…

I guess the hair gives off the idea (no offense to misfit just damn)

who would’ve guessed rarely ever see Kurt Kobain (soz).


it’s Kurt Cobain, not me lol.

it’s funny how when you make allegations at people they tend to defend themselves. weird.