Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


What the hell is that?


It’s blazing hot here.


But…it’s not summer…Plus it’s easter(acctualy it’s not plus but meh)
God do i even learn Geography.


I live in Malaysia, and I would like to inform you it’s the dry season. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it…Asia?Cus idk…




Aw heeeeellll yeah…
Can you guess mine?


You live in the Arctic circle with penguins?


Tf? No. it’s not correct.(also why the hell would i live in here lol)


Guys please take this to PMs. You’re off topic at this point.


incase someone asks, just reminding them not pretending to be a mod




Lmao i have no idea what am im doing…but yeh thanks for reminding me

No. Pm me


Transy is right, were getting off topic. Imma stop now.


I actually like playing 2v2 way more than 1v1.


Of course you do. You are leading the clan having the most outstanding rise since the update(s)… :wink:


That’s true, but it’s happening because we managed to gather enterprising members and our core worked hard and adapted really well to the new format.

I actually love 2v2 because you have a chance vs almost everyone. When I was playing 1v1 I had to build anti phys and heat and I was quitting on energy mechs since I miss the right L-M items for building a 1v1 monster. With 2v2 I was able to build two mechs way more balanced than the one I was previously using, and I’m not screwed anymore when I have to face energy mechs. So it’s actually a lot funnier to fight in PvP for me :slightly_smiling_face:


Dude, we are pretty much all in the same boat. I gave up a top 15 position yesterday to go fight for gold and coins. It’s basically musical chairs in the top rank.

The truth is, that you have a shitty second mech, just like me. We have to just make do with what we have until we can improve those other builds.

I too was a top 15 player prior to the update, I actually thought it would be a year before I made R1 again, but there I am. No use crying about it quite honestly. No offense mate.


Not crying


Please throw away those Christmas hats n00b!

…just kidding LOL


Lmao im just using them for 2019 cristmas.Mkay?
I even would ask do you even have a GOOD Sec mech