Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


What’s your problem with me? Why don’t you just say instead of crying all around?


Don’t start with off topic / spam


Guys, please no arguing. Would really like to not see more drama here. If you’ve got complaints detail them in a response and ignore any silly comments that anger or annoy you. (to Killin about Kaen, leave the guy be Kaen).

inb4 this threads closed too


I’m not the one who attacks people here Lol.


Back to the update conversation:

Do you know some nice game i could start playing?


Yes, obviously. But I’m saying to ignore any comments that anger you or bug you. Like Kaen’s. He’s just a nut that likes to mess around. lmao

and no




Oh great i just got flaged
I need to delete joke sorry guys ;-;


Fortnite. Start streaming, make money, become famous… then die off from fame in a few years


You can do that with any game dude.


Try doing that with SM.

You can’t because badly managed games don’t make views…


Yeah I know but Fortnite is the number one game right now so it’ll be a big push


Not really, no. You gotta choose a popular game. Which fortnite just so happens to be currently


Well, you do you. If I be a Youtuber, I’ll pretty much just play any game I want lol.


Nah ill just play roblox phantom forces lol


Play Minecraft Hypixel, you’ll get a swarm of children coming your way.


Im not paying a game.


Play Supermechs and discover secrets!




Holly frick you used my word.