Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


I think my sec mech is fine…But still i wish if is back…


That’s not something going to make you rank 1 thought, specially by using this torso without myth plates.


BUT! It made me to rank 10!

Soo rank 1 is about myth…(im all legy)




You could get around rank 5 with legendaries before mate, welcome.


Mate killin is refering to top rank guys. R1


Best word ever mate xD


Nah it dosen’t work ;-;
Also rank 5 is about myth too(not maxed)


This shit coin update combined with this 2v2 nonsense made me fall from top 21 to top 60 just because i NEED to play for the damn coins.


It made me rise… I guess it’s levelling out the playing field?


Its okay, KilliN. Just mine some tokens and use them to get back to your initial rank :slight_smile:


You are going to kill his pc.


Hes the one that wants to mine.




Mi…super minecraft XDDDDDDD


Watch what happened here:

  1. Get a very high position in the ranking.
  2. Need to play for the daily coins.
  3. Meet top players in the ladders and end up having your replays like that:


Welcome to supermechs.


I feel you mate. 3v3 guys used to have one build of each type. Maybe 2 types. Unless everything maxed in arena shop, mono type are highly advantaged.


You literally need a powerful PC to mine tokens, otherwise it will frequently shutdown due to overheating.




Ok you know what?
Me cus i have one.


*childish. I would imagine a chill dish is a dish you put stuff on before putting it into the refrigerator or freezer.