Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


heyyyyy same here take a looky
40 PM


Gosh,I’m sorry for both of us…


Faq i have totall bad luck


Also a bit late to address this, but if the feature was optional it wouldn’t help since people would then split between the other modes

Personally I think the concept of the update is good, although executed poorly as there was no warning


50 run on hard.
20% Epic
40% Rare
40% Normal

0% Legendary :frowning:


Finally I got my first zarkares


I’m wondering what i’m going to do with my 8th.


If you want, give it to me xD


Turn them into myth fod. Or fuse em to max myth some stuffs lmao


d196ce3cc1e18b9988bf0cba07c6a14067042f27_1_690x3874 Zarkares I have now … (I’m very happy: 'v)


But so many are not. Join the boycott of no more spending on supermechs, and spread the message in chat and in arena


He is speaking right…


I have not spent any penny on this game …


But some have, and we need lots of players to help us spread the message


Me…blue…and other’s…


I actually like the idea of “choose your weapon” after pairing. this could be good for raid and campaign too, just make autopilot take first mech in line for farmers.


this is gamebreaking


As a player that has experience the game change it’s matchmaking many many times I would like to weigh my opinion on the Competitive Update.

When 2v2 and 3v3 were first implemented these were welcome changes as many top player already have second mechs. These added INFINITELY many layers of strategy.

The particular problem with 1v1 is that it was always HEAVILY influenced by what was most popular to use. So lots of top players would create mechs that were mostly well-rounded and could defeat many opponents.

Noticed that I said “POPULAR” and not OVER-POWERED.

There is a general misconception that certain builds are OP but which are not.

This has to do more with the difference of power between premium and non-premium and as well how long every player spends time upgrading and farming for items.

So what I found that, in the Legacy Supermechs, most players would play 1v1 and strategically avoid 2v2 or 3v3. It was particularly easier to focus on one mech than on 3. Since most powerful premium items can only be obtained by chance or by premi-boxes, it would make sense to focus all your powerful items in 1 mech.

The problem with forcing 2v2 is that, some people don’t have the items, time, money to even build or start a 2nd mech. Most of the population plays 1v1 so logically they would be upset. (Consider that your player base is mostly of children and there are limits to how much play time is available)

I would suggest making 1v1 count for ranking but introduce more arena points for 2v2 and 3v3. Thus not eliminating the “penalty” but introducing a way to incentivize rewards for competitive play! This can things like 5T per win in 2v2 or 3v3 every 24 Hours for 5 battles.

I would suggest taking the Clan Reward system and copy pasting that reward system for 2v2 and 3v3. After defeating a certain amount of opponents in 2v2 you can get guaranteed rewards. Participating in 3v3 can yield even more powerful rewards such as a Single Box of the 5 Epic/Legendary Loot crate or so. Thus providing an avenue for continuous play. The counter for the Reward system SHOULD be the Arena points gained for each mode.

Let me know what your opinion about these suggestions are.

I think you guys have good intentions in trying to add a more competitive experience but went about it wrong.

@Mohadib @Sarah247


well said…dev’s should take it to serious consideration…


Bringing back the conversation because this is the worse update after reloaded.

Yeah no one likes losing to random noobs using counter mechs, and also this new buff system sucks.