Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


Been going on all night about that and they still don’t get it through their minds.

Incompetency is this companies motto. lmao


sorry, too many comments i haven’t read :sweat_smile:


I’d recommend just reading the first 100. I believe those detail most of the issues.


That is pretty fine.

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what about the peeps that are used to 1v1 battles, that don’t have competitive 2nd mechs ready? Doesn’t that screw up the ladder? I have a pretty good 1v1 mech, but it usually makes it through 1v1 battles with 300+ health to go… That isn’t enough to beat the chicken out of those 2v2 people who have spent their whole time playing supermechs out of 2v2 mechs


until yesterday the game was great, but now it’s disgusting, Do you have any idea how long it takes to build a good mench?.
with this update closed the doors of new players. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This update definitely ruined a lot of people’s days. Just want to put it out there, that the best way to protest is not on the forums - but with your money. As in, don’t spend any more. At all. If enough people stop feeding Tacticsoft those monies, they’ll see sense and fix this (hopefully). Some people are dropping below rank 15 as well, dunno if that’ll help but its worth a try. But whatever you do, don’t support this nonsense with your bank account!


even when this shit, trash or whatever it’s called will continue to happen ???


it doesnt screw them up, they just get deranked, with the time they will get better and will go rank up again


at least fix this


yup thats the unique disgusting thing of the new update


bro en estos momentos da ganas de renunciar al juego


I will install an adblocker so I do not see ads as protest, when I return the 1 vs 1 I remove it


I just realised that a lot of players are using this bug as an exploit to get free wins. Look:

Notice how most battles ends in 5 turns. The worst part is, his mech is garbage.

Transcendant discovered this btw, I’m just spreading it.


Someone without a name did that to me … I remember that when you teleport the game is buged


I was his last victim :c saad


You could someday fix that one…


He’s stuck at that screen. A lot of people have been having this problem.


Oddly I gave this bs another try today. I didn’t even get to see this screen ^

It went in like it was a 1v1 til it hit my turn and I realized it was indeed 2v2. They’ve got so much shit to fix I can’t even with them.


Dear Sarah, saying that in front of dozens of competitive players actually sounds like you are making fun of the sittuation…

Since i was already an 2v2 player before this update i’m actualy fine with it, but belive me when i tell you, players that have worked for months to build a single mech (that is not even that good to get rank 1 in 1v1), those players, make you sure they are hating every single thing from this update, and about 3v3, where the real legends of this game could execute their strategies in the total potential, will also don’t like this at all.

I don’t blame you, and you know it. But i think asking or even letting us test the update before implementing something like this in the game would help a lot. (It helps the staff, not us.)