Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


Because that’s the last thing a game vendor wants. That’s why the playmakers better make changes before it comes to that. @L4K3


Well,that’s true.
Our protest has already started so I hope they make the change sooner.


I wrote a letter to sarah that is worth an a on an english paper…I hope she sees


I agree with all of the negative posts.
Soon, just to complete daily mission will be a 7 hour journey each day.
Do this as some side mission or put it in a portal, or something.
Please Tactisoft, when you think up your ideas, take a moment to think about the ideas you thought up.
Fun meter is sliding to the left.


There was fun in this game? Where, it felt like a job more than anything, fun not included.


I would say it decrease in the bottom more…


fun has evoled to a bored non fun.


Sure it is, or we would not be “talking” to one another right now…

But for me- I like the game,pop in & escape for a bit, but now I will probably tend to pass on the arena, which will preclude gaining 10 takens daily, which will lead to me playing less, & ultimately wander over to some similar game out there,etc

But it is fun - MECHS are COOL


I only ever did Arena for the daily and to see how far my current build would get me. But now that this mess is here, I’m gonna avoid Arena all together. And focus only on Raid and Campaign before they ruin those too.


other problems added to this, the time … a 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 takes a lot … the clans tops will even have trouble getting the clan rewards … they really believe that the pvp flow will be maintained if many they do not have 2 mech yet, so in the future we will see complaints of not finding battle


Yeah, Ditto
I started in late NOV last year & & completed all daily tasks each day & everyday… 7 pretty sure that yesterday was the end of that streak…oh well.


Yesterday I was very happy since I had a good run and went up to rank 7 but today I am in rank 9 and I am being played by people with 2 better mechanisms than mine

We were very good all the players playing 1vs1 2vs2 or 3vs3 but now I have no advantage if before I was very bad in pvp I’m much worse


different subject but - IS THERE ANY WORD ON THE RESULTS OF RAFFLE that anyone is aware- was supposed to be announced sometime today, right?


read the bottom of this. Someone listed a screenshot with the winners ID’s.


Technically I’m talking about the subject


I love my own body, it is perfect :heart:


the update seems kinda good, it helps to know your opponent’s arsenal, but i feel they didn’t fix the timer glitch… that is very annoying


if at least we had more chance of legend-mythic, could endorse why they were the game without consulting us more “competetitivo”; They would say more unfair, in everything almost even that they were good because they left too many bugs.


oh also… i hate that you can’t do 1v1 or 3v3 (even tho i don’t do 3v3) because now you are forced to have a second mech that most people don’t have or that is super weak (like untouched epic weak) and the prices are not even worth it, my chests kept giving me commons for battles that took a while, and on top of that not having a 2nd mech is now like a suicide wish cause of opponents that may have a 2nd mech just as good as their 1st


We all saying that for 10+ hours lol