Competitive Update - 2v2 Battles!


Pilots Get your Mechs Ready!

The SuperMechs Arena just got a competitive update!

Starting today, March 19, we are deploying the following changes to Arena Battles:

  • Starting at Rank 14 and up, all battles are 2v2.
  • At Rank 15 players can play both 2v2 or 1v1. However, 1v1 battles will not be ranked.
  • Ranks 25 to 16 stays the same.
  • Matchmaking for higher ranks should be faster and more accurate as players no longer split between 1v1 and 2v2 queues.

In order to make battles in higher ranks have more strategy, all ranked battles are 2v2. As part of the change, a 2v2 win will be considered 1 win.

Players can now choose 2 out of their 3 mechs before entering the battle and see the opponent’s mechs while making the decision.

This injects a new level of strategy to the ranked battles as players can see what mechs are available to the opponent and choose mechs that have a better chance to counter them.

Match-making will now also be faster and more accurate in the higher ranks battles as all players are competing in only one ranked category. The days of waiting for a 2v2 battle and ending up with a vastly weaker opponent should be over.

Players could still choose between 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 friendly battles by invitation in the chat room. As before, these matches are not ranked.

If you don’t have a 2nd/3rd mech, now it’s the time to work on one. Make sure to have different types of builds to allow you to counter different enemy mechs.

An excellent start is this awesome thread in the forum listing many top builds.

May the better pilot win!

:question: 2v2 = good / 2v2 = bad

Something seems to be wrong here - I just won the last four battles because my opponents didn’t do anything…


So you basically took an issue of people checking others builds and finding ways to counter them and added in as a “strategy” thing for 2v2…

People barely have one good mech, maybe if you guys didn’t ■■■■ drops every update people would have maybe one or two decent mechs for this. But this won’t work for anyone other than top tier players who’ve been here longer, spent more, and have advantages…

Great, can’t fix any issue like raid cheating, drops, or hell not even fucking drop rates.

Edit: Forgot, you guys can’t even ban cheaters because of their ties to some of the added sprites. This is lovely man.

But at least we now have a more strategic 2v2.

WORTH IT. lmao

Oh so now 1v1 isn’t ranked.


THIS IS THE QUALITY CONTENT I COME FOR. ■■■■ that, fix drop rates then I’ll even bother with my second mech.


u monster… not only did I bust my behind to make one mech DECENT but now I have to do the same thing for ANOTHER MECH


And now I got stuck here.


Jesus christ that looks depressing…


time ended the match never started!!!
WTF match not started yet, but after restarting my rank lowered, what the â– â– â– â–  is this!!!


Hohohoooo, Lucky I started my physical mech!!!


No offense, but it wouldn’t be worth doing anyways if you have issues with it like nagibator had.

This update is bloody terrible.


NO, Hell no…
I have one partially viable mech i’m still upgrading, now I can’t even PVP at all!
This is Death of game for me.


Luckily I have my heat prepared…


When will you be adding a new kind of shop?? + the new coins?


Please, everyone who reads this. Take a look at this “update” and give your most honest opinion on it.

Do not be afraid to tell the truth. If you find it shit or not. Just for the love of god, can someone get through to these devs.


let the stupidity and nonsense, your employees will check in the first place - and it would be better if it made to each other, and not crap in the game.


I wasn’t able to do even one fair fight until now - my opponents never react and I always win without fighting.
Otherwise I like it :slight_smile:


I actually don’t know what I feel about this fully, I feel like I need to try it out first… Anyone agree?


thank you for the novelty. the elders appreciate


it works?


Not for me - still winning every battle without fighting… :man_shrugging:


Try it out and post here.
We are reading all the comments.