Competition for most Chindogu Mech Build Ever

Ok, so i’m feeling a little inspired by @Bluz 's thread and I’ve been notified that my mech, The Hammer Time 3000

does not qualiffy for his competition…

So I’ve decided to create my own contest for the weirdest, most ineffective, pointless, trashy mech build out there. We’re not talking about “not good enough for ladder” here; oh no…I want sheer and utter rubbish. Mechs that will go an entire game and fail to cause a single point of damage. The only rule is that it must be within the 1,000kg limit. As for the prize for the Ultimate Chindogu Mech or UCM as the experts call it, the winner of this prestigious and pointless award may or may not win a picture of a second-hand toaster. So get your creative juices flowing and let’s have them :grin:

P.S. Bonus points for kick-ass names

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nice competitition.akjsdf

Thankfully, I was not drinking coffee when I saw your mech… Nice mech. XD

are HORROR (newbie torsos) mechs allowed to join, or are they disqualified from entering?

i cant post pics on mobile apparently. Mine will have to wait for tmr. :disappointed_relieved:

I prefer my toasters first-hand, so I’ll have to pass.

Toast is a vital part of every breakfast, and I’d like to make sure my toast is as delicious as always.

Yes, they are - the more cringe-worthy the better!

You’re missing out on one of the pleasures of life Flux - toast from a well-used and seasoned toaster has a particular depth and character that no new, unused toaster can emulate…and besides, there’ s no guarantee that you’ll win anything…


I present to you LOSERS THE BEST CHINDOGU MECH EVER! ! ! (!!!)

Behold… the ALMIGHTY… UNDEFEATED… GODLY… POWERFUL (may I the get drumrolls please?)



And we’re off to a good start. I’m liking the totally confused execution and grotesquely undersized legs. You also get bonus points for trying to fit as many weapons as possible. However I have some slight reservations since this mech could possibly give you the impression that it’s useful…

this is the best one

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ok this one is even worse i mean even in range the sword nokbacks enemy only having one turn of attack maximuum i gotta win this

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Man u guys arent even trying. Here’s mine. I call it the Energy mech troller. Notice it’s energy efficient stats and high shield. Also its drone needs rockets… but i dont even run any.

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I’m noticing a trend for multiple close combat weapons…extremely impractical and very useless.

Pro Tip - if you find that you have excess weight available - use it. Example - Quad rocket launcher mech? Equip two bullet packs. Heat Mech? kit up with energy regeneration…you get the idea

Awesome! This is what i’m talking about! The sheer audacity of this incredibly masterfully thought out ultra-mega heap of crap epitomises the spirit of this competition. This mech will never run out of energy just as sure as it will never win any battle.

The best it can hope for is to survive long enough to reduce the armour of its opponent so that the next mech (assuming 2v2 or 3v3) will get one reasonable shot in before being annihilated.

I believe that this wholesome pile of junk is a top contender for the crown.

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Here’s another entry. I dub this as

“TinCan’s Baby”

The mommy wouldn’t be shown… for now.

LOL lookk at this



I have no chance of winning against this.

Commendable effort @Bluz. I’m liking the mini-me idea behind this, however I don’t recall having fathered such a mech. Must be one of my unknown bastard children. What’s worrying me though is the use of dual electrocops together with thunderboots - this combination could possibly cause some damage in a few battles. Also, I feel this mech would be even less useful and more aesthetically pleasing without the rocket launcher; remove please.

I am not here for toasters… but just to show off my latest HORROR mech build -

The NOOB 2000.

Made to drain resistance, but not enough health to be effective.

Unless you consider the psychological effect that the HORROR mech has to players which leaves them paralyzed due to fear… This has no chance of winning in 1v1 matches in Top Ranks, at least.

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