(Competition) Design the next Galaxy Map, Will be played on a Galaxy server!


same key :slight_smile:


Saturn and its Moons

Black: space/asteroids
Red: Placeable area
Yellow: Resource Outposts
Size: medium

Info: surronding Saturn’s economically poor and gaseus body lays the rings, a res op rich area perfect for mining mineral ores and gas reserves stored there since saturn’s formation. The moons surrounding saturn provide issolated pockets of placeable area for alliances seeking safety for their colonies, the moons have mineral ore to mine and gas reserves to pump, but are less rich than the rings.

Craters of the Moon

Red: placable areas (craters)
Grey: Moon surface (non placeable)
Black: asteroids/space
Yellow: Resource Outposts
Size: large

info: the moon has been involved in a nuclear war leaving the surface uninhabitable, the only colonies which have survived are those placed in the safety of the craters. the craters, while safe to buld colonies and outposts in have no minable ores or reserves and players will have to launch expeditions onto the moons surface to secure the res ops.
optional feauture: all res ops have permanant radiation to fit the scenario.


Some one make a solar system
With all planets and sun in middle (Unplaceable for admin and relics to spawn)
Rest planets in a circle
So can House 9 teams
Obviously larger planets have more res ops
So alliances fight to take over planets xD And get closer to sun to get relics

Or we can have a relic drop on each planet and one at the SUN


If you can draw a concept idea of that i can have a go at making it for you?


Although there are better pics of Solar system this would go well with BD

Well this is how it goes
Center Sun…UnPlaceable , LAST relic released Here

There are 9 planets put them where they are shown,It makes it a territory kind of world for every major alliance and give them res ops according to size.

Put Pluto a little closer.

Every relic is dropped on One Planet Randomly.
So Rank 1 Team Needs to control all planets to win
Admin can plant at the sun center

Notice how larger planets are further away ,This is where Top teams may want to plant at start of era
Or near the 4 closer planets(including earth) to get lot of land at start
Or On TWO big planets if its a team that can manage

PS: Put Pluto Between Saturn and Neptune
Every Planet has a difference of 3 extra res ops depending on size
Saturn Get an extra 3 res ops at its ring as well
While jupiter gets 11 more res ops because of its moons
So this will make these planets A LOT more important ,
Can you do it @Elcent ? :stuck_out_tongue:


How would you get from planet to planet considering you can’t place on the sun? :confused:


You jump from planet to planet ,lol
Make them a little closer maybe?
Like how you have Europe and greenland Quiet close
While SA and ASIA pretty far


I believe the map you suggest would be very similar to the current G3 map.


We won’t know until recent makes one
I think it will be very good


The floor is lava.


you coud get to all the planets using the asteroid belt ?

are you going to make the map ?

you only have 2 days left, should be plenty of time to work on it


I shall have a go at the weekend. Do feel free to have a go yourself though!

(I have extended the deadline till Sunday as it gives people the weekend to submit)


it does not have to be accurate i hope … you could do a lot to that map

who me ? i submitted my one and only, but i like the idea for his map though


So many great maps. Damn people. Awesome stuff!

Bit of a personal request to anyone still looking for ideas:

Maybe a solo map also meant for newbs and so on?

Very thin pathways, small spaces with room for only like 4-5 outposts, mines and so on, with perhaps “blobs” filled with mines here and there? :slight_smile:

Or maybe a cool “snake” map curling towards the center (spiral galaxy but thin and less buildable)? :slight_smile:

Oh well, I just like these things too much.

Seems you’ve 3 days left, I hope something great comes out!


I am not a Battle Dawn player but… Here

Red - Asteroid field
Black - Place able area
Blue - Admin
I don’t know much about it . So maybe I have missed some things

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


I’m try it out!


There you go:

Black = Placeabe Area
Red = Asteroid Field

Black = Placeabe Area
Red = Asteroid Field


Map two is pretty good





First attempt at making the map you wanted. Thoughts and comments please.

(I know its not finished)