(Competition) Design the next Galaxy Map, Will be played on a Galaxy server!


There is currently no close date. I will give you at least a weeks notice before closing the competition.


I’m assuming this map will be adopted for galaxy 3 which is going to be administrated by Josh?


Black- Placeable Area
Yellow dots - Res ops


Removed entry #extra for post


Black = Place able area


Black - Placeable
Yellow - Res ops


This could be a pretty good map if sized correctly
Black = Placeable
Yellow circles = mines and wells
Red = asteroids


Same Key as usual :slight_smile:


This Is so far best one
For strategic wars can space like 6 big teams


Hey all, 2 weeks till the competition is closed! Please tell anyone you know making a map that the competition is closing!

If you need a few extra days please message me.

I have added a 2 week close to the thread,


ah ? thought it would last longer … :frowning:
good luck all


do participants get blues :thumbsup: :thumbsdown:


The idea for this competition was to allow the community to have a go at designing a map that they wanted to play. We want people to enter who genuinly want their map to be played and create it because they think it would be an awesome map for others to play as well. If we added a prize of blues it would result in many more entries of a lower quality.


an * LoL * would have sufficed Elcent … lol


black-placeable area
red-asteroid field
yellow-resource OPs


same key


Another map by me.

Same key as most people use however the blue dots indicate possible garrison locations that are released at tick 500. These would be gates and radar garrisons but you would not be allowed to relocate to! I’ve also attached an image to show the distance between things to help you get an idea of how big the map is.


same key as before


Hey Everyone.

Just 5 days until this closes! I will unlock the thread once it closes for discussions on the entries to continue.

If you do plan on entering and may not be able to enter before the close date please message me directly.


same key