(Competition) Design the next Galaxy Map, Will be played on a Galaxy server!


###Hello Battle Dawners!

Have you ever thought that the maps on Battle Galaxy are a bit boring and over used?

Well now is your chance to create a brand new Battle Galaxy map with your own design. Submit your design ideas on this thread and the admins will vote on which design they like the most and create it for you!

Here’s my attempt at a design, hopefully someone has some better ideas!

Black = Place-able area.
Red = Asteroid field.
Gold dots = Resource outposts.

Design Guidelines & Rules
  • Use 1 colour to indicate where colonies and outposts can be placed and another colour to show where they can’t be placed.
  • Make the design as complicated or as simple as you like.
  • Place markers where Resource ops could be placed.
  • Remember to add a key to your design and an explanation of why it would be good map to play.
  • Any inappropriate images will not be entered into the contest and may result in a ban.
  • The winning design may be slightly altered to make it a playable map.

Map art work discussion


I havent played BG since it was in Beta , hey your map looks familiar :smiley:


El floating in space,
Red - Placeable area

I have heard some people are submitting maps so hope to these those soon :slight_smile:


Red ~ placeable
blue/purple ~ resource ops

description, resource ops blue purple dots and colonie sized placeable area’s red dots are being pulled to the center, the large placeable area’s on the outside ring for hives, 3 in each corner total of 12 forthe top 12 teams.

No matter where you place on this map it will be hard, spawn towards the center with your friends for resource ops but you will be trapped with no where to force relocate conquered colonies. Spawn on the outside of center with larger placeable area’s and have to fight to get to the resource’s.


We don’t need fancy maps, we need strategic maps.


BTW to everyone the current galaxy backrounds can be viewed dm me to see em.

This competition is for the map NOT the backround

just a heads up to @ROC and to anyone else working on this :slight_smile:

on this note (Hitmo is right :stuck_out_tongue:) : as a tip for people doing this, try and add choke points, hive areas, large zones for starting etc.


lol oh well, good luck everyone :slight_smile:


I look forward to seeing your entry! :wink:


I haven’t made a meme yet, let alone be a map.


That galaxy map sure does look pretty :wink: @Elcent


Here is my masterpiece!!!

  • I love it
  • Bleh
  • Changes

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The yellow spots can be individual res ops or they could be alot of res ops in shape of a circle.

Red - Asteroid area
Black - Build-able spot
Yellow - Res Ops


Blatant copy of @Germanicus… sorry…

Black = Peaceable area


haha lmbo ! i give it 2 thumbs up …keep going :grinning:

this could be a great underground theme as well.


Only criticism is on a map that size, there needs to be a lot more res ops. Like Earth

I would participate in this too, but my art ability is absolutely zero :frowning:


black - placeable area
red - asteroid field
yellow - resource OPs


i was unsure how many resource opps to add. i may have to go and count them on galaxy.

Thats not an excuse to not have a go! I’m terrible at art but just used shapes on paint to create my designs :slight_smile:


Yeah, thats true. Haven’t played galaxy myself in years

I may give it a go. May. We’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats the really cool thing about art, you dont have to be good at it, its fun to do.

@Zealot i would if they make a 1 tick


@Elcent when is the last date of submission?