Compensation for maintenance

thank you for the 200 tokens, Alexander. you’re the best

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you live in the future?

man its 28th of february here.

you from NZ or something? :thinking:

my vpn is set to Kuwait. im guessing its March 1 there aready

We tend to live in the future.

sm 100 tokens
bd 200 tokens

Our Wait was longer than you guys

Combination of BD having been down longer + in SM your tokens are a bit more powerful than these. You can spend them on anything, BD players can only spend them on boosts which are less efficient!

The real luckers are people who play both games though. They have a field day now!

We need Loot Boxes. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣

Thank you. It was generous

time is more powerful than tokens … in 1 day game 3 times until you get to 0 of energy and 2 legends. 100 tokens do not compensate so much … (not to mention the raid) if it was a primiun pack (the 5 ) I would have felt that the time is really taken

Oh please. Time means nothing in SM compared to BD


You cant compare a Casual game to BD.


because it’s a casual game?
you have to try hard to improve items … and that takes time, I do not think I’m the only one who plays until you run out of energy many times a day …

:joy: you guys just run out of energy.
We run out of metal,oil,energy and workers
one stupid mistake can cause you an entire era


… there are much more problems of imbalance to affirm that time in bd is more valuable than in sm …

Eish, how irresponsible, or hated, do you have to be to run out of workers?


in BD , 200 tokens barely mean anything
Thats effing 2 metal boosts
So just enjoy what you guys get coz life will always be a pain to deal with :slight_smile:

Well when u plant and boost 7 squads you do run out of workers :wink:

So very irresponsible is the answer


Very Very irresponsible