Compensation for level

I feel like people that are low level that level up get inventory slots but people that are higher level dont have as many slots because it takes them longer to level and they dont even get any compensation for having levelled up before. And the ridiculous raised price on buying inventory space. Remember when to buy the first inventory upgrade it cost less than 125 tokens?

  • Yes, they should compensate already-levelled players
  • No, all players should have the same amount of initial spaces regardless of level when update was released

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Should prices for inv space be lowered to what they were before?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m pretty sure that everyone agrees (Should we do it? hurr durr durr, maybe), but either they won’t listen, they’re too lazy, or they’re taking too long to come up with a solution.

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I didnt vote tho. How do you know i agree?

It’s common sense.

puts on obnoxious voice Hey, I’m bob and I’m level 69. I didn’t get anything when SM Reloaded R3tar3d came up, so I didn’t get anything for those previous levels. But I’m fine with that, since new players are getting stuff and I’m not.

Maybe I’m being ridiculously one-sided. Do explain to me why else you would think people wouldn’t want compensation.

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I was joking. Jeez. Altho tbh i think it wouldnt be too bad if they lowered initial inventory limit to 100 anyways, as long as players get compensated for their levels. In that case, most high level players will be over 200 anyways. 100 seems like a reasonable lvl 1 inventory limit. You wouldnt even need 100 items to build 3 mechs (if you wanted to from start) because most utility slots would be locked.

Players who had a high level before the inventory limit was introduced were automatically given the inventory slots that new players get when they level up.
For example : A level 40 player will have 120 inventory slots, regardless of when they started playing. Purchasing additional inventory slots does not change the rate in which you are given additional inventory slots when you continue leveling up.

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Well that means there is an error.
Because a lvl 120 player only has 140 alots.
Ao the diference between a lvl 40 player and a lvl 120 player in term of inv space… is 20 slots?For 80 lvls? I think ths isn’t how things should be.

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Players need enough space to have the parts for 3 full mechs. + useless parts of each rarity to transform with (you need at least 5 useless legendaries to transform a legendary into myth, and so on). + perks take up space. You see the problem or does it elude you?

Correction: power kits and colors dont take up space

It even surprises me that the inventory upgrade wasnt made as an item that takes up space, making it so that someone would buy an inventory upgrade and get an item that adds 5 spaces but itself takes up a space and can accidentally be fused away to power something up.

If that were done i would not in the least bit be surprised

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