Coming up with good names

No just no
Just like I said on discord

wut u mean u just dumb xD

That’s it I’m calling your mom

wtf naaaaaa u aint calling anyone and now stfu so we ca focuz on the topic

Ok I have the best name ever

Beg For @Galaxy_Master to buy tokens for u

yes thats perfect then you will spend money on eveyones account

Beg for money

Best nane ever

Why TF are you guys fighting over names, i gtg bed… tell em who wins this dumb naming comp.

stfu dumbazz were not in private

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Lol idk why he started this 2 hours ago with me on discord about this

stfu thats discord u dont talk about discord stuff here and you dont talk about forum stuff on discord you sh.ithead filler with dead brain cells.

Well… **HOW ABOUT ALL OF YOU RELAX YOU REDNECKS ** rlly, chill out about names, its not like your guys are fighting in real life( also im maybe gonna get ban as well.)
@discobot is the devs going to ban @Khalil_Fears


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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@discobot fortune will @Khalil_Fears get ban?

:crystal_ball: My sources say no

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Alright thanks, GN guys!

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@discobot fortune will @begformercy123 get banned

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:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


HAHAHAHA better stick with Discord @begformercy123

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Damn discobot
Well goodbye @begformercy123

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