Come on,give me a Sorrow!


My boy’s aching for a fight!
Getting him maxed the heck out!


Me but replace “Sorrow” with “Friend” or “Happiness”

I gotta admit that is a great mech

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What’s the torso in that build? I’m actually curious

Fractured Heat Armor (heat monkey).

Ah, that’s what it was, I tried to build it off of a Zarkares and was wondering why the stats weren’t lining up

Any other heat weps you have?

Of course,but I need a Sorrow for the real build.

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Huh,good luck fam.
Gave ya luck I had past 2 weeks lol

Holy shit,Imma make an energy version of this.
Hah,just you wait!

Because I have two Mortal Bullets.

Scrapped the idea.
I have no long-range pull energy weps.And Grim Cobra isn’t the job.

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That not work rlly… tested

This is unfaaaair!
Triple Magma and Triple Bunker work.

Dual Sorrow Breakers works but Dual MBullet Breaker doesn’t work!

Heat one work because it’s not depend from energy stats… that why double mortal isn’t work… its need hp/heat/energy+moving legs…

that can work only vs energy or like counter vs heat (because not enough hp/heat stats) and noway vs phys


NIce build :ok_hand:

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@L4K3 how do u feel this man got sorrow


(Just realized this post that I just edited was more of a sh!tpost)

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Why be sad while you can be happy , like this tank over here and his child
ptolemaic-slug-wheee wtf-slug

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That image with no context is cursed.

Ptolemaic tanks are coolio

max out those plats wtf