Come my fellow brothers... Time for debout about making a 3D SuperMechs

I wanted to know if there are somebody that want’s to debout about making another supermechs as a probably prototype project that it’s about supermechs as we know it, but very mantained and perfectionated with new mechanics and more, showing those fellow followers of the game, see their game it’s actually loved for all of us and that can be keeped up.

There are many points that can be taken on action:

1- Remember when i said previously they have to revive their youtube channel? Well, if the game receives updates or events or more… there can be videos related to it, gaining more people to see it and there comes popularity to the game as also they can know everything to the feet of the word.

2- Probably the actual owners of this game will be salty about this remake and could report us making the game get take down, but it can’t work if the game’s name is changed.

3- Probably you all p2-winners spended tons of money in this game, but in this proyect you can recover it in very valued stuff, as variated perks, and also maybe boxes and more, understanding what all you did for this game to see it progress… sadly as the devs don’t see that efforts, we do…

4- Is sad to see very experienced and wonderfull players fight and become greater everyday, and then reaches a day when they quit probably forever… Here with this they could probably come back.

5- As 1), remember years ago when a very famous youtuber came for sponsor the game? Actually nobody sponsors it anymore making the game more and even more forgoten. Well, if we revive a youtube channel for it, probably the game could be more recognized with this point.

6- This game had a very strongfull potential, and see that the devs arent taking good ideas and actions on it, is a huge creativity and community loss, well, no more… If there are people wanting to cooperate with me, and bringing my idea to shrine, we can be able to make what the game used to be in the past: Fun, Adictive and Lovely.

7- Doesn’t matters how much it takes or in what phase it is… The game could be played anytime while it’s being updated much more so you can enjoy it even in alpha or beta times…

8- Requirements will be as much as low as intended so everyone can play it. One con is that the weight of it will be probably between 500MB to 2GB in the future… as well the game is intended to become 3D

9- Probably some of you will dont like this idea, and others yes, it doesn’t really matter, but if you want to see this game shine as previously said, just cooperate or support the idea. If you see something is wrong or have a different opinion or idea or related, don’t think it twice and feel free to coment it here.

10- I know there are some effort players such as KilliN that knows certain programmacy for example. If you are like him and want to make this thing real, then come and talk with me in my direct message. If this idea get’s very upvoted for many people and much wants to be part of it, i will make a discord server so there we can talk more of it and plan it clearly.


Are you talking about War robots or Transformers?

Something like war robots but that game is also screwed up. So im talking about a new era of supermechs. Aswell the 3D SM will not be intended to be MEGA realistic but a bit cartoony as it is already.


this is actually a great idea, (in my opinion). But, it’ll probably take awhile for SM to actually make it happen. And once it does, the graphics will suck. It’ll for sure lag a bit too. otherwise, great idea.


Love it. This text will be blurred

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Not worries, this idea stills belonging to me, and if they tries to make this real, it will not affect much since we will spread the real and loved game that everyone wants, not the one of this developers are going to make. It’s logical, people wants to follow certain game that is loved and actually polished with love, not one abandoned by their own makers…


@KilliN What you think? Are you with me?


this sounds great!!!

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Sound interesting, but I see one big issue …

  • tacticsoft has the rights about this game

… so just to “copy” it is not possible nor allowed (like you said “namechange” … is far to less) :exclamation:

A simular game, not copied in any way is possible, if you really want to do that work (and it is a LOT of work), I can tell you the best game-system for it, like the best game system SuperMechs ever had, but got lost (a few updates made it lost) :exclamation:







I’m with KilliN. If y’all are serious about making another game:

  1. Good luck getting past copyright
  2. Needs at least $250k

So, for those reasons, this is not a feasible idea imo.


i like this but dont think its possible

they cant even fix bugs making something 3d is only going to make more bugs and its not like TS has the money (if they do they should atleast fix 1 bug in there dying game)

Вернуть бы мифики в сундуки за донат это раз, изменять компанию раз в год это два, исправить баги которые наблюдают многие игроки это 3. Если хотя-бы вернуть в сундуки за донат мифики очень многие вернутся в игру. Это лично моё мнение и мнение многих игроков.

Сколько вложил денегь эту игру если не секрет?

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CleverName, I believe he’s asking you how much money you spent on this game.

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Форум англоязычный, тебя просто не поймут даже.

Мифики из ящиков? Нет спасибо. В текущей версий это перебор, пускай баги правят и баланс поправят или хотя бы что-то сделают, активности от разрабов 0.

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