Combination of Heat and Energy

Does combining Heat and Energy items is a great idea? And also does special stats is good too?

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Please clarify?
Do you mean as a new weapon or on a mech?

Special stats are always good :grin:

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you mean hybrid items?

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I mean combination of wepons , the heat and energy were combined in one mech …

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I don’t know the hybreed items, just starting to play this last last day

Those are called Smurfs but I call them Hybrids. They can be good but they can also be bad because you are weak in both types… it’s best to stick with one type of weapon

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You meant Hybrid… Right?

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So what weapon is the best? Heat or energy?

Oh yes… sorry about that :slight_smile:

That is up to you. A lot of people say the energy is the strongest of them all but I disagree. Also the recent updates have sort of made physical decent as well. Heat can be good too but I am inexperienced in that area for now.

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Ohhh i thought hybrid is better, cauz i can overheat and at the same time energy break my opponent… and i had a physical hammer and phisical drone that has a special stats to make them shutdown and shutdown…

Advice to you. Check some replays of different type users, find what would suit your approach and then stick to it; building up 2 mechs is taking long time, if you change type orientation midway, youll loose a lot of time.


Oh ok,thank you for the advise :slight_smile: