Colouring Mechs Idea


(Sorry for this post quality, its my first) (Also i’m not native English)
It would be nice if you would give back colour kits.
I saw post Nr.1006. It made me think a bit about it.

What if there would be something like Colouring Station.
For it’s products there will be needed next place or they would be placed in “perks” window.
It’ll work like:

  • We’ll have some basic patterns like Moro stains, Fade, Flames, etc.
  • At first we select the pattern.
  • For each pattern there would be 1 to 4 exact required amount of colours.
  • We would select the colours, there will be full 256/256/256 CMY table for each colour.
  • The pattern will be painted with selected colours.
  • And finally colorful mosaic will be placed transparently on basic gray mech elements, and sticked to movable parts (Mean when attack or taunt)

It would be some kind of personalised colour kit wich we still can try on other Mechs without need to colour each part.
Basing on actual able money amount it would cost 70.000 coins or something like 20 Tokens.
I wish some Supermechs code updater (idk if someone like this exist) would see this post :pray:

YES i know it could be hard to code, but I just presented my idea
And YES i know that giving back colours is already planned, but I just presented my idea
Wich maybe will be used in one of next versions.

  • Yes, I would like to see thing like this
  • Yes, but I’m not sure if it’s able to be added
  • No, its a bad idea
  • I just came here becouse of boredom and i’m not interested in

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this sounds certainly like something i post sometime ago here
i like this its better explained than mine and more organizated xD


Before color kits there was paint shop
it looked like this


why this people change the good ideas they have for other useless ideas?
imean look that its nice!


With color kits I’d like to see WRAPs just like they use on cars and vans these days.
Say your nations flag or similar wraps the entire structure in an entire form of legs torso arms, or each component gets it’s own wrap etc.
(wrap is a picture that’s wrap’d around each bot piece or each piece has part of it to make an entire picture)


That’s actually pretty cool :o