Colour is wrong

13 this is what i see when i fight
23 this is what i see when i watch replay


Replays mess up colors all the time. Its been around for some time and will probably never leave… You’ll also notice it gets energy/heat values messed up during the replay if you look closely. Short version, it doesn’t hurt anything, so it’ll never get fixed…

I think it’s not a mistake, maybe it will help your opponent to see in what level range your drone weapon is or something else

I noticed the heat and energy bug, but it’s.been like that from the time replays were introduction, so I guess this colour bug is also going to be with us till the end. So is the other 1000000 bugs we already reported and the 100000000000 remaining bugs we haven’t noticed yet

We must wait for it to be repaired :grin:

It shows that you have never bought a hair ink or a lipstick!