Colors And Boxes


I wanted you to put the colors back to the market and if a person goes away for two days could give two boxes of gold and one mithical box


Why would a reward be given for being away for 2 days?


Yeah i want the color kits back


2 days? Damn, In just 1 month I could receive like 30 gold boxes and 15 mythical boxes.


how can you have 30 gold box


I don’t. I just said it as an example


In this game they realy should put on again the color kits


i dont see a reason, i mean im frustrated on the game by dont getting my complete set for my first mech but this is too much for no reason and you probably get 4 epic and 1 legendary item
color kits they said are comming back, probably when i go rusty and older xD

every month in average you get 1 myth
the daily reward sucks in all sense too

i would agree they give us 1 gold box every 3 weeks if we complete the daily quest emm daily
that at least would make me have interest on play