Colorings are too expensive


I was wondering, and why not adding a rainbow color ?
I mean, this painting would display every painting once by once, with a little “melting transition” between them…
So this would be the “I-have-my-pockets-full-of-tokens” painting, and it would be fair in that case to put every painting at the same price…
Or there is a the possibility to turn the painting into a bright one (like with sparkles ^^)

What do you think all ? :smiley_cat:


their mechs not good looking because the boosting color that each boosted item takes isnt good enough for them!

of course, because the opponent can figure the developement status by it


boosting colors arent very satisfying


wow, You exactly got what i mean, and thanks for supporting my topic and suggestion!
Completely right you are, colorings shouldnt cost tokens but coins!
what remains now is to contact a SM dev to see this topic and accomplish our wishes

Thank you all for supporting my topic!:grinning:


are you a dev of SM or someone who has contact with them?


I am not a dev nor someone who has direct contact with the SM Team.


In my opinion the paintings are not expensive this very cheap


in old sm color kits were better


But they will not do anything to improve it


i didnt said that



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deja de hacerlo porfa


You’re kidding me xD do not edit your post


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Eso lo edistastes ya que

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I don’t know why this thread is being necroposted with off topic posts so I’ll advise you two to take this conversation into PMs. There is no need for it on this thread. Topic Closed.