Colorings are too expensive


I would like to make a suggestion and express my opinion about the colorings theme.
I believe that colorings are quite expensive for players to buy.I dont matter that they cost tokens, but what spoils me is that some of them are too expensive in tokens.For example the white coloring costs 100 tokens!!! which would be valued more than 100.000 gold coins (100 tokens players can buy 100.000 gold coins).That’s not fair and if it’s easy i would appriciate it if in the next mini-updates (for varius bugs fixings or mini addings) the white coloring kit price and the other overcosting colorings price are slowed down.

-I would suggest the white coloring should cost maximum 10 tokens (even though that’s expensive too, it should cost at least 7 or less tokens)

Please listen to this suggestion and complete our favour if it’s easy.Im sure many other players would not like this overpriced coloring kits,slow the white coloring kit down!!

Thanks for attention.



i saw some players have it on new items
is it something rare, or something only eschewable, or it is just for the high ranking or priviledged players??


It’s for maxed mythical items.


thank you, i never knew that…


coloring kits price ESPECIALLY WHITE needs to be slowed down! and white color maximum 10 tokens please!! or it’s not fair!


They need an expensive colour to allow people to show off. Some players like to use the most expensive colours just because it is the most expensive.

Its a shame if that’s the colour you want and aren’t looking to show off but there are quite a few other colour to pick from.

I’m hoping they update the colours and textures so that we can get a range of stuff. Would be nice.


Custom colors: 1000 tokens

Only for the p2p players to show off :wink:


You got something wrong with the price tag, Erik_Huang.

It should be:
Custom colors: 1000 USD



i agree with erik huang.

there should be something that makes you look different like f2p kiddos


NopNop and Nop sir, good for the ppl that like to buy expensive colors, Tokens shouldnt be spent on colorings! i dont have many tokens and i need them to boost my mech.I need the white coloring for my torso and im unable to give money for more tokens, Its unfair for a coloring to cost so much, No offenses this must be changed!


I like that opinion so tumbs up for every body and I thank you!!


You’re welcome.


And why does white has to be this “expensive color to show off”??
If players want to show off add a black coloring which would cost 300tokens!
You have contact with SM devs mr.Stuart, contact them and express them my opinion please.
There are no excuses,That’s not fair! it needs to be changed.


NopNop and Nop guys, Not everyone has the “abbility” to spend money!
Colorings were an original part of the game since old ago, their price was as low as it can satisfies the players.
It’s a shame if colorings are expensive,The one thing they manage that way is making players upset of having their mechs not good looking because the boosting color that each boosted item takes isnt good enough for them!
Remember, Game needs the “many players playing it” more than recieving money from tokens players buy, because if players who play the game are many, the most money they would spend on tokens for boxes in able to boost their mechs! After all, games are SUPPOSED to be created to entertain ppl who play them!

Colorings are inocent parts of the game which makes mechs more beautiful, nothing to hardcore on the players!
I sat here writing all this in case I have any chance to change colorings price, Please, please please , at least have the SM devs take a look at this topic!


You do know what “irony”, “hyperbole” and “sarcasm” are, right?

Erik_Huang and I just expressed our opinion on how overpriced color kits are by using these three means of expressions.


Well i didnt get it, It mostly looked like you were supporting the overpriced items!Good to know of your real opinion


What`s the point of black paint when this color can be reached just by maxing out myth item? This is supposed to be a kind of reward for someone who was working hard to max out his item


it was a painting like any others in old SM…^^


The reward of maxing out an item is that it will be strong,though this topic is for colorings but to convice SM devs low their price.


The inconsistency of the prices is what pisses me off with this whole thing. Although @Elcent does make a good point in that the most expensive colours basically act as “social dominance” for certain players as if we were all male tropical birds on the Galapagos islands or something, I still find it ridiculous that not only are you charged tokens for these paints but to also have the prices go from fluctuating between a steady 5-7 tokens up to 20 for red and 100 for white - no consistency, as if they didn’t know what numbers to put in. Not to mention the pallete of these colours is lack luster at best.

As it stands now the paints should cost coins, not tokens. The customisation in this game is virtually non-existent so in my mind it does not justify monetisation. At this point I would have also included the incentive to buy premium packs due to all of the new Legendary-Mythical items they’ve already implemented to use as a point on why this is stupid but honestly, considering that you will mostly end up with a bunch of epic items I can’t really say they’ve even done that right.

What I suggest

  • A whole new system put in place that deals with colours and how you buy paints; based on your run of the mill hex colour wheel with RGB and HSL values you can tweak. (I despise the ones that don’t let you input the values)

  • Secondary and Tertiary colours; just like with the flag system you get to choose three colours for the emblems/devices and for the background of the clan flag. Apply a similar system for the masks of sprites, and to a greater extent, add liveries. (The whole tiered item system in Reloaded might not make this possible however)

  • An in-depth customisation feature that includes varying shapes on certain parts of the sprites, mainly for torsos, legs and drones. Unsure about weapons for the moment.

The devs could then outlet any monetisation on those features should they actually be implemented, however, to do so they would also need to un-monetise parts of the game that actually affect gameplay and vise-versa. Basically, this post is based off of the principle that you shouldn’t be able to buy power.