Color kits modify


when the fire nation atacks and we lose the color kits… ok no
Now seriously xD
Color kits are a great fun for this game that allow us to have our mech just like we want
but why just a solid color?
i say this to support some days since we lost color kits
Patterns add to the color and combine them with other color
Just think about it for example for legs a black backgroung with red flames pattern
or a green mech with camouflage paterns
our mechs would look even cooler than now
Also in adition (this is new) theyre some parts of an item that arent painted, we could put an “sticker” there like a skull or a flaming eye to make it even nice
obviously this would be expensive and some of them would be buyed with tokens to make it worth the job of devs


I have always agreed with this … it has been many months since I have seen people who want the same thing.


This has been going on for months. One real reason I liked color kits is because they hide the power lvl of your mech items.


yeap thats another reason i remember the days i freak out little mechs now i still freak them but with a real lvl xD


I had a thought on about some reskins on some specific items like a reskin of a torso based on your nationality.


I do not think they do … They eliminated the flags of the players in battles to avoid the “Racism”


Flags exist in battle dawn, but i have never heard cases of racism in battle dawn based on someone’s flag. LX2GT, your post gave me an idea. I guess I’ll be the first


I did not hear anything about racism either, I heard about it when I made a proposal that had to do about nationalities but they told me that maybe it is not possible because they are avoiding racism as much as possible.


What about the custom sprites like what Xzkychungol (idk his overcomplicated name ) does?


@Fluffeh, didn’t you call @Xzyckon xzychungol for a while??


Idea is cool
ideas on body kits and torsos etc…


■■■■ that man, I just want my damn colors back!!! :angry:


me too xD
but im giving a reason to all the time we dont have them
i mean im pretty bored i even go down to last rank and rank 1 two times just because i dont have anything to do, at least with color kits i have some fun


I’m a victim of racism in SM.


I’m not ashamed of my lv 13 Lava Scope


13 you still have 3 more to go.
Get 16 then you got something :stuck_out_tongue:


13 or 16…both are metallic black


Back from the dead assholes


I want neons on my mechs, not just interior lights and window tints but full on neons! #SuperMechsUnderground2


I want decal wraps like on cars. Pick any decal and it wraps the whole mech or whatever parts you choose.
EXAMPLE= Flames or national flag etc will cover the whole mech as a giant set of flames or just chosen parts say across the torso and 1 arm or leg.