Color Kits in Customize?

Sarah247 Community Manager ( Sep 7 )

We are aware of the bug where you can’t use the color kits on maxed items.
It will be fixed in an upcoming version.

Has anyone been able to get the color kits to work on maxed items yet?

Is it 1 color kit per bot part so many have to be bought to color 1 bot?

I hope one of these days they make the color available that is equal to the Level 40 Legendary GOLD Scorching Feet, Charged Walkers Legs.

I like GOLD, gimme GOLD, I need GOLD!!!

What? I’ve had no trouble coloring maxed items for quite a while now.

I think the trouble only comes when you are trying to color items that are maxed in that particular tier, but has a tier higher than that.

Example: Trying to color a Level 40 Legendary item, that could go to Mythical. (This will open the transformation screen instead of the upgrade screen).