Color kits don't work on max lvl items

Exactly as the title says, wasted 35 tokens on purchasing 5 Green color kits (the tokens aren’t the problem) only to find out that they can’t be used on my max lvl items. Any help?


I was able to colour my torso with yellow, might be a problem with green specifically

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He mean the items that are not mythical.

Lol another broken thing in this update :joy: :confused:

Having the same issue, have a pair of level 40 maxed out charged walkers, ready to transform but im out of tokens and legendaries to fuse. as such im stuck with their current color -blue- I think that color kits should have a separate slot than for fusion as to use regardless of level, I would have said the same thing during the beta except there were no color kits in the beta.

my mech rn


This is still a persisting bug even after the minor update applied to change premium boxes from 2 items to 1.