🆕 Color kits 20% off sale is LIVE (10.11)


Runs nov. 10 8:300:00 utc?


I want 1000T offer pleaaase :’(


Hello everyone,

We accidentally confused today’s and tomorrow’s events.
Today’s event is 20% off color kits and it is now live.

We apologize for the confusion.

Have a great weekend!


Oh c’mon… It still gives us nothing


Here you go, a nice fresh picture


Well then.
As i mention before,i’m done painting.
Don’t want to mess my time.


Creatior forgot Gold Portal T_T


Gold portals will come at monday.
I think.


So that’s what made me log out and almost forgotten my user and pass.


pongan la oferta de 5 paquetes premiun por 1000T


Hi @SilverBox,

When do guys anticipate getting some new paints?

If you haven’t seen it yet, Killin’s Supermechs Workshop Unlimited allows players custom paints (by adjusting RGB proportions) and would be awesome to get (can sell for maybe 50 tokens a spray)

Would also love to see some heat oriented paints (volcanic, red camo, dragon scale) and maybe some different animal skins (snake, tiger, cheetah)