Color keeping kits

I know that I am not the only one who have this idea.
Like me and some people like gray, the color that only has on low lv weapon. Or dark red at lv 49 than the one on the shop.

So my idea is adding kit that keep your weapon’s color non change even after update.
Imagine a maxed scope with lv 4 color. That will add more into game-play because now people need to figure out what’s real what’s fake. It will make the fight harder because now it is more depend on strategy and thinking.
(at least until you reach top rank)
actually I just like gray.


I think we should buy just blue, yellow and red. Then combine them to make whatever colour. Two at a time.

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That a different idea of me:
color making kit.
But it is for a different topic.

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Its annoying for my all-black mech to be ruined with ONE silver part. I mean what is that about? C’mon SM you should think about this!

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Oh right… forgot divine… it has glow effect…

Big Brain Time:

. . .

  • A RGB system… will never exist in Super Mechs…

What I would want is for us to create the colour we want in a colour adjustment panel.
Place where we decide how much of which will there be.

Blue, Red and Green.

The same one that KilliN had for the random colour generator. This time just made adjustable.

With Colours intensity levels from 0 to 100 on each of 3 sliders under 3 mentioned base colours.


Man I thought it would be cool to have orange color.

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it would be great if sm put more colors

they should add color making kit

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