Collective complaint against cheaters


Guys please support me, the game is full of cheaters and names list makes no sense, since the administration immediately closes the topic. I wrote a PM and an email - no response. Tactics soft take action against cheaters!!! Otherwise I will write in Google play on your inaction!


Write it on google play


Now in Google play the game has 5 million downloads-I hope Google play will affect developers!!!




If I equip a face shocker…


then havn’t chance


“Koneko-chan” lmao


As I understand it, the administration is quite happy with everything, while flowing a stream of shekels - the splatters is quite normal. Banners with income, depend on transitions, and the arrival of new players. Let’s be more naive to think that you can upgrade for a fee. But when the crooks start eating a little more, then they’ll probably move their ass.


Who is playing with Android, I ask you to leave a review in Google play with the text “Cheaters destroy the game” so we can draw attention to the developers!


Cheaters destroy the game


Im lazy, im tired :ram::sheep::goat:



Blame on aliens


OMG full myth plat platings


If you start a topic about cheaters, you will get a response from moderator “please, this is not a witch hunt, send an email to the administration” and your topic disappears.

Then, you send an email to the administration requesting revision of an account. But you never find out if they checked it or not, or when, or how.

It’s like the snake that bites its tail, send an email, follow the correct way, but the subject dies there. And you keep seeing strange things in the game every week.

I am still to know if they have done something or at least if they have tried to do something with the account sellers. How many of these groups that carry out clandestine activities will have to appear, before someone takes any action?


I think that in the end, we all have the same suspicion, only that nobody dares to say it .


Please! report to this guy (Onii chan) !! I wish you luck, because the only time I reported to someone, I did not get any results for yes or not.

But this guy is obviously hacker! And he’s so stupid to put himself like a peacock!


Dont worry there are others just as stupid out there.
To pack 10 myth plates on 3 mechs…
To pack 6 myth plates on 2 mechs…
And there are more, just laying low in the lower leaques, rank 4-5 with 2800 hp… they are out there just under the radar.


No, they do not hide it. They feel proud of what they do.

They say that the thief thinks they are all of their same condition. Maybe these thieves believe that other players admire them for what they do.

And since there is a top clan that protects them and TS does not do anything to ban them, then more they assert themselves in their position. As I said, are displayed as peacocks.



stop saying “a top clan” if you could be honest, in MOST clans are cheaters, your Clan including


knowing this game since more then 4 years (5 years around) I can tell you 100% the fact, that around 30% (!!!) of all players are cheaters or at least cheated as long the bugs / glitches were open !


it would be the work from tacticsoft to clear the game from cheaters, like other games do
BUT the truth ist that tacticsoft has a total other strategy, they work together with the hackers (the good cheaters) since YEARS !
I know a LOT cases were the hackers (the good cheaters) got a LOT REWARDS for telling tacticsoft where the bugs and glitches are exactly and how it is possible to close them (how the cheat works).

This way tacticsoft has a lot less work, BUT it is a strategy which is made on the back of the honest playing players !

I would not wonder is some got Platinum Plates (Leg-to-Myth HP moduls) for their “cheating” / working together with tacticsoft !!!

It sound paradox, but it is the truth.

So if you really want to do something against, STOP accusing just only one clan (only because you dont like, that they are above you), take a step back, think more and start accusing the right fault, the thing how tacticsoft handle that ALL !

And same worse is the treat of their BEST costumers, as example you Wepwawet (me also), and a lot of other honest players, who invest / invested a fortune of real money.

Best example, no answer, no reaction to the fact that WE honest playing are NOT able to get 1 (!!!) Platinum Plate, doesn’t matter how much time we invest in farming, doesn’t matter how much real money you invest for Premium Packs :exclamation:

But I can give you the answer : a bug + maybe the % chances = 0 (:exclamation:)


Sad but true, and the bad part, you get NO respond about, only a “pur luck” with a smiley, of course a smiley, they are happy how much money many player invest trying to get it :exclamation: