Collab Multiplayer Idea

This has probably already been said in some dead thread before, but hear me out.

What I’m proposing is a way for players to interact and fight with each other.

For multiplayer there could be an option to play “Collab 2v2”, but it would be 2 players on one team vs 2 players on another team. It could be like a tag team sort of fight and you can choose who to attack and what to attack them with. This would make interaction between players easier and could result in some sort of competitive “Clan vs Clan” play. There could even be tournaments (that can be made by devs and players) that would be fun for all ranks of players.

What do you think about this idea? I’m open to any changes or suggestions.


This is a nice idea, but the player base is not large enough…

2 Likes already made this idea only that more exaggerates 5vs5 .-.

it would be a good idea I hope this thing is added one day