Coins and Tokens

First of all, What are you doing Tacticsoft?
Before you can get tokens and coins easily and with this new update it’s extremely hard to get tokens and coins
Also everything is expensive even when i upgrade a weapons i need coins??!
At least make the upgrade free or 1/3 of the price please!
I can’t play campaign cuz the new mechs are super hard + when i die i need 10 Tokens to revive a mech
So please make it easier to get coins/tokens because some players are quitting because of that
I hope you read this topic

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And they introduce color kits but black color isnt there and white costs 100 gems -_-

it’s possible… just use your old mythicals and defeat the bosses from the 1-4 area

The mythicals won’t work anymore because the new weapons are Over powered


with your old mythical you can defear ramboy ,exterminator or cyber goat

Irrelevant, fusion costs HAVE to go.

I explained in great detail, (and can still elaborate more, once the developers respond) in this topic: