CME, SiN, ReV, new alliance formation


Hey all! My name is Kaiser. I have been a part of some great alliances and won some as well as top 3 finish almost everytime. I have been out of BD for 3-4 years now and don’t have many contacts left in BD. I am looking to form a new alliance soon and go out looking for a win or at least a competitive finish. If you are active, experienced, and willing to work, hit me up!




Nice to see you back Kaiser , if u are the same guy who played that fun F4 era which was also probably the last F4 era before it got closed, will be great to have u back and stirr some fun. Goodluck


add me on skype: theonlyxyz


Hey Bane nice to see you still here. I cant remember specifically but yes I played F4 a lot and I do remember you. You know anyone else still playing? Also XYZ I will add your skype but I think I have to make a new one I cant remember my old account :confused:


Awesome, I got into my old skype


Hit me up if you’re looking to play next F3, we have one spot left in our team.


Yeah I’m interested what’s your skype


We use Discord

Add me if you have one Cory#7029


Ok added you on discord. Also Bane if you are still playing let me know.


Being a top 3 finish alliance isn’t something to brag about unless you win. Ending rank 2 or 3 is worse than ending rank 5 or worse. There are already enough battle huggers or sub users in bd (most players). Either you get #1 and win or die fighting for it.


Oh so that’s how it works thank you for learning me this :joy:


sure :+1:

I think he was just trying to say other than winning he also finished a few top3 here and there , also its his first era after 2014 , those days finished in top2-3 was not bad, although winning is always the best :wink:


Ill boost reds but I only want to play 1-2 tickers. Skype: Detariusgtg discord: Jechyyy


Just gimme the reds and i will get you victory :smiley:


I was in ReV YEARS ago man. My name was BabyJesus that era.


I am keen to join you for an era. Used to play about 2008-2010 and am returning. live:TriGaar4 on skype or if you want I can give you my discord.


try to be on any open 1 ticker in jan.see u there.


Would love to play with you in the near future. Skype ID?