Client not up to date: No update on App Store


When trying to log on to the game via iOS app, the app says it needs to be updated, but there is no update on the App Store.

Please advise.

@sarah @mohadib


It sometimes take a bit to population the update in the app store.
It is up to Apple and Google.


So there’s an update coming up?

I cannot play because the game is not up to date but there is no new update available.

Please do not enable a force update when the new version is not yet available


Has everyone received the update by now?


Yes Sarah, thanks for checking up. However, this update has completely nerfed the Silver boxes which is completely unfair. You give with one hand and take more with the other. This is seriously not on!

Doing these ugly moves begs the question: Either you guys have way too much money, or going bankrupt. Which is it?

I just can’t understand for the life of me, what is going through your heads. It’s getting more and more ridiculous by the day.