CleverName's drop rates (2020 drop rates)

how much tokens did you spend the extra chances day to get 4?

I’m really shooting in the dark here as it was a long time ago. Maybe 3-5k tokens?
Edit: could have been x2 that; no idea, sorry mate…

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can you make the average drop of extra chances sale? (with your experience and new coming sales)

Sure, I can do going forward :slight_smile:

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Bunker havent dog face…

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Wasn’t it in war they call bombs “dogs?” I thought maybe bunker shell (bombs bust bunkers)…I digress…

What would you do with 6? :wink:



These dogs are lightweght and drain a lot of energy…


I changed the format. Now it goes:

Number of item received/15000 premium boxes // tokens on average it took me to get item // $ on average it took me to get item.

Hope this is more helpful! :slight_smile:

Calculations for tokens / $ spend required:

335 (cost of premium pack) * 3000 (premium packs I opened) / X (X is the how many times I got that item)
$ Spend:
335 (cost of premium pack) * 3000 (premium packs I opened) / X (X is the how many times I got that item), then divided by 65 (6500 tokens divided $100, or 65 tokens per $1)

can you show me stats of divine repulsor please?



thank you

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Having spent my share of money here I will say from experience that there has never been a day outside of my impulsiveness where I thought to myself it was worth the investment . I hope that it is different for you @CleverName

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Anything I put into the game, I expect to have some fun with, but understand that it is ultimately worthless :slight_smile:

Edit: Although you get items, nothing is really physical (in real life); I view it as paying for a nice gaming experience vs. material belongings

I agree 100 percent and should there be a 6v6 we will probably be set to field the best lineups but I am always drawn back to the material possessions you referenced and think the money could have been spent more wisely . My biggest regret however is giving the crooks that run this game money that I earned . That is ultimately the notion that pains me the most .