Claw Weight - Updated

Hello Pilots,
We have spoken to the community and to the team.
The decision was made to raise the weight of The Claw to 150.
Thank you to all the players who participated in the discussion and reached out to me.

Good luck!


and please change the legendary spartan’s weight to 51
they shrink to 51 in myth

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Seems the developers do listen.

Big thank you Tacticsoft :slight_smile:


I thought they increased the claw’s HP?


Hi @Sarah247,

thanks, i do believe that is a tad more balanced this way.

Talking about community feedback, could you please take 5 min and reply my PMs. I do believe the last one’s topic shouldn’t come out on the forum right?


No words…
20 no words

told you about that build :wink: .
Pretty nice don’t you think?

Is that more weight or less?
Thank you very much.

can someone check the claw’s HP

OK for r2 i guess. (Clumsy weaponry, no res); higher, energy guys will wreck him, phys guys with decent weaponry and myth res will wreck him (i did, with 2000ish HP). As for Heat builds, you know better than me. Same build with energy weaponry would be another story tho.

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İt did not change mate, 860HP

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I think he have myth plates

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he uses 3 plates, he can balance it a bit, but he chosed to go for this…
he will come around to it… but the things that can be build with that claw… and myth plates… scary stuff.


this solution will be a great gift to the owners of platinum plates, especially decently, and direct regression to the rest.

The demand for other legs is unlikely to return.

If we are to level the odds - at the same time to introduce the ability to upgrade all the plates to the myth. At the same time, the players ’ reserves for tokens, coins and items were degreased.
Or alternatively, move the installation of the myth plate into teleport, shield, or hook slot, limiting the number to use on the same building.

41kg by Claw=Plate=FaceShocker+1kg=module+buster
The absence of any points-critical.

IMHO as usual.

Still very accommodating. The balance is way off!

Great job! This will really help. While I personaly think another 15 weight should be added this fix is more than acceptable.

For some of us the Claw is blocked. Why don´t correct that?

Sure, we’re just a few, so we’re not worth it, right? If the majority does not complain, unfortunately a few of us have no voice or vote.

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Just give her a claw already.

Whats your in-game name :question:

And, no, if there would be a give-away, same right for all …

  • for all players + 1 The Claw :exclamation:



Like Im ever going to tell you that after I saw what you are doing with the others in the game chat/invites.