Claw way too UP - Claw needs a buff

Claw was way too OP …Claw needed a nerf❗️


Claw nerfed as follows:

Stomp damage 79-111
Knock back 0

:x:Problem the Claw created :x:

:woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming:




-We rant to nerf the claw , bomb and emp.
-They get nerfed.
-We want them buffed.



And this is how things go to shit.

It’s more like this

-We want specific nerfs for the claw, bomb, emp
-Devs see this and agree to change things
-We instead get something completely different that only further buggers things up

Annoyed/Angry community.

This is what happens when you don’t take all the opinions/statements/topics etc directed at such items and instead change shit willy nilly thinking it’d ‘fix’ or ‘help’ a damn thing.

(sorry for my language there E, it earned a laugh from me though, “bugger”).


You all know my thread is just a poor attempt at humor.



5 words

The game is too poor.

Precisely! at least 20 precisely, probably more.

Pretty much.

Still quite fun to poke at the devs and at our own stupidity sometimes, aye

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U turning into Besty mah boi.

Also. We just asked if Claw can get a nerf.
And now you want a buff?
I think it is fine as it is. It still gives a lot of hp.
Just find somethin to knock them back with at range 1. Like bulldog or mercy.


LOL I can’t even go arena now. I have no clue what to do with my builds :no_mouth:

As someone said “idiots” :sunglasses:

Just remove this spider monkey

Problem solved


If you do that…

Everyone will cry.

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The game was more fun before the release of this spider monkey



Before the realese of 2v2.

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2v2 is still ok
But claw is a premium item
So it’s kinda hard to get as well as it’s creating alot of conspiracy about nerfs and buffs
Why don’t we just remove it

Because the devs say’d soo.

And 2v2 made everyone a lot of problem.

I just say they need to buff any weapon with the name “Malice” in it and make it do like, 10k damage. Because everyone knows anything referencing malice should be OP :sunglasses:


I think the main issue with the Claw nerf is it now makes it much harder for most players to use it, but makes it easy for the P2W players to use it still since most of them have Mercy and/or Seraph.

I can’t help but feel, in general, that the nerf was influenced by people in the top clans upset that Claw was helping people catch up to them. They either have Mercy/Seraph or they have plat plates and it doesn’t matter to them.

What we need is the Claw reverted entirely and to make Platinum Plates E+ instead of L+. Then everyone would be happy.


Mate; first there is 24 players in each top clan. 72 in total. Not all of them are “top ranks”.
Second; claw or not, good players (r1 but not top), dont stand a chance vs top players.
What top players got angry at is as following:
Before emp’s release, most top players used to run 2 rounded builds and one specialized build.
Emp forced them to build a specialized anti elec build, sacrifiying one rounded. Making the line up composition: 2 specialised and 1 rounded.
Now with this, in the pick up screen of a 2v2 battle set up, you face an oponent having one heat, one elec, one phys. What do you pick? In wich order?
Reliying on LUCK. Thats what pissed of emp nerf campaigners. Not a potential risk of getting beaten by a r2 player… fyi

Ps: i have 6 plat plates, 2 mutli res, 2 phys res, 2 elec res, 4 energy mass storage (they are a real game changer), every phys weapons maxxed in dual (6 spartans and 3 mercy); it would take more than a claw (or 3) or an emp (or 3) to catxh up believe me.



Say it again… slowly :wink:
Ps: give them to Rovo, he will make the tops squeel like squierls in no time.

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