Claw users now safe


it’s not about the dmg, you’re basically giving claw 2 push for nothing and claw already is bad enough on it’s own without any more help


True and it does have hp, but not good dps. At All!


Then would you prefer by getting hit by a normal backbreaker. And so their combo is nut op …?? ^^


Backbreaker wont help, you need at least viking and flaming hammer, you are a sniper, but backbreaker would help if you are a nightfall, magma, bunker, and terror cry user


i’d rather be hit by melee though


backbreaker costs a lot of weight to put in so if they have it then something else is lacking for me to exploit, it also won’t work after i drain them


There are already enough items for the Claw to combo.
It does not need any other item.

Instead adjust your mech.
To come up with this idea you must be having issues with your mech and instead of adjusting it you want some new item so you don’t have to think about how to improve your mech.


Thats a low standard estimation i know how to build my mech have rock recolier on it

I hate useless estimations…!!..?? Huh


If you are fine with your mech, then why do you ask for a special single purpose item that you want to weight almost nothing with just 2 kg?


I am not DEMANDING i am just giving an idea well …!!!


I never said you demand it.
I said that you ask for such an item.

The point is that you ask for / suggest a very specific item with almost no weight.
That kind of suggestion usually appears if someone has come up with a mech build that has a specific weakness.
Then people try to suggest some item that would exactly cover that problem their newly invented build has.

You do not see such specific item suggestions unless the person suggesting it wishes for that item.
You say you don’t need it.
But you suggested it because it would make your mech even better and cover one of the few weaknesses it still has if the battle drags on for a long time and you run out of your 3 uses of Recoiler.

So you do not need it but you would like to have it.
That is something you cannot deny because you would not have thought of this item if you had no use for it.


Absolutely agreed with you, I am a claw user as well.

Claw is balanced and just fine as it is now.

Claws are about specific “all range builds, or so-called control builds”, that is what you gotta sacrifice to get more HP …

Or if not that, you gotta use TP/Double TP + Hook/Charge Engine


There are just sacrifices needed to be made in order to have a good claw mech.

You can’t bump anything on it and expect it to work, there must be a well calculated order for every
range that might be dangerous for your mech.

That is what brings the thrill of making good mechs overall.

Personal opinion: Claws are balanced currently, and have a very unique way of use, speaking about weapon setups and self endangering range spots.

P.S.: Forgot to add, how it’s TONS easier to make a “F2P” Claw mech as the recently added Recoilers have a knockback and a pushback giving you a clean range 3 on your opponent, as long as you got space behind you.


I even dont need it :joy: my mech never faced this issue ever…just sayin


Just drop the argument already…