Claw users now safe


How about a Emergency hammer to throw the enemy back into the combo zone while keeping your range safe 1
Dmg: 70
Knockback 2
Weight : 2

  • Yes would be very helpful
  • No no no (Tell reason why )

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I think no, because there is the repulser for that


claws have many weapons n utilities to keep the combos going

a claw user


We have recoilers…


Guess repulser does not work for range 1 -_-


Yeah sure when huggers hug your mech with backstabber and seraphs




Then you use a hammer


Then what when it is heavy soooo much.


Recoil Stompers, Dynamite Boots or Grave Diggers


I said claw users bro not other leggers.


Oh sorry…


I think I thought of something similar… This is good too though (range 1). But a hammer?


Can either be a cool drill tho


It’s a bad idea because it’s basically giving claw back the OPness that it had to be nerfed from to be fair and at the cost of what? a slot that it wasn’t using anyway?

It’s just an overall bad idea


What about teleporters? But I am aware that it wastes the uses


Isn’t that exactly what the hammers we already have do?


No but specifically made for an emergency very low dmg but helpful.


I guess 70 dmg for one emergency turn really does not look very op … ??


No but it would be suicide if you didn’t have anything in the front. or back range.