Clash or Murmur?


So thats pretty much it


I already explained this in another topic.
Clash is (a little) better.
I think you should choose that.


Yes i know, but there is gotta be a use for that drone, so i wonder if someone can aid me with proofing its worth


I say murmur because it damages cooling…but I would keep both just in case


First of all,this is a Damage Heater,not a Mass heater.
Second of all,Damage Heaters drain resistance,focusing on dealing damage instead of just overheating the opponent.


Boiler with murmur - dont see a good combo, nemo for boilers, clash for damagers, and murmur -???


Well,it works with both kinds of heaters…
You can say it can do 2 jobs at a time but excels at neither…
It works on builds that have like…Magma Blast,Crimson Rapture,things that do good heat damage and damage cooling.
Other than that…It’s pretty mediocre…




Premium builds…ok thank you, so its trash for me i guess…


Just because it is a L-M item,that doesn’t make it top tier.
I once got a purifier,too.I was like ‘‘it’s energy-free,it gotta have some use’’…I was wrong and realised that exactly after my 1st match using it :slight_smile:
ChaosBringer also…Desert Fury too…Spinefall…
All of these L-M’s I just used as myth food…
I’ll get back to the point:
So,it doesn’t matter…Be it a super rare drone or not…
I’d say to either keep it as a trophy or feed your myths with it.


Murmur if you have magma blast(2 or 3 of those), snake orb, or some other thing that hurts cooling.
Clash if you pack dawnblaze, abomination, supreme cannon, desolation, or any res dmg wepons.
Nemo if you pack grimsome, Corupt, terror blade.
In his case, use clash, has better sinergy with the other wepons.


Get hit by 2 or 3 magmas, and murmur and you will see that 200 cooling just got down to 143… in 3 turns.
Ps: but when it rolls ths min 87 dmg… you wanna kill thay drone with stones( specialy when it leaves your oponent with 1hp)


Which is good for mass heaters?


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Nemo works best with that kind of heater due to the heat cap damage (-12)
Might not seem much…Combine it with either a Crimson Rapture or Corrupt Light and you’ll see the difference.


Swoop, but only if you can sustain its -31 energy (!) use.


nah i want an energy free one


Swoop is for Direct Boiler…^^


in my opinion the two drones are very good the dron shock serves to drain explosive resistance is a drone for mech that are explosive damage type while the drone murmur is a drone for mechs that attack to overheat the enemy both drones are extremely strong that keep both drones


With that build,I prefer clash.but if you use CR,CL or MB use murmur