Clan wars or team pvp


i have an idea for PVP or clan wars to add teams so that you can fight with another random pearson theres a blue team of 2 and a red team you get randomly chosen and depending on rank you go firs or last against enemy team
EXAMPLE 1v1 team would be me vs (josh) he beats me so its the socond pearson (will) im my team vs josh josh gets beaten and the second guy in the other team appears will beats him so the winning team gets about 15k SM or so
It depends on rank the reward it would reward less than normal 1v1 because its sheer luck if your parner is a pro
but it would be worth it because its more fun thts my team pvp or clan pvp


first thing I through when I read “team pvp” is 2v2 or 3v3 where each player of team brings his own 1 mech. Every pilot controls his mech only, but can switch to other mech (and thus, other allied pilot) and also can use chat.


That would be epic <3