Clan War Victory = wrong box

The “wrong clan war box” bug is back. This has happened to Reign Reforged twice now.

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It’s been wrong the entire time.


It has been bugged since war started. The only way you know if you won, is by the box. If you get the better box, your clan won.

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I confirm this bug. INMAX lost this War for a bit, but we got S+. It’s not fair.
Clan Wars were created almost a year ago. And so far, the developers haven’t been able to fix it!

But you can get S+ and not a single legendary relic!

I like play Wars. But it makes no sense to participate in Wars with such bugs.
As many times said, the rewards look absurd and unbalanced.
You can spend a lot of energy in War. Won it and get S+, but no legendary relic. What’s the point of this?!

Can you ever finally fix it?


  1. Correct the winner bug
  2. There should be a real difference between S and S+ rewards

@Mohadib @SilverBox @Sarah247


1. Correct the winner bug
I totally aggree.

but to
2. There should be a real difference between S and S+ rewards
I say slightly No: it’s already 1 relic more. I know how it is to get several weeks only purples. But everything runs under (little different) probabilities, and legend’ relics must stay rare. Otherwise they don’t make sense anymore.

(we forgot appreciated @jonny.)
Have fun, make jokes, have good mood, don’t ignore us! @Sarah247

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I’m not talking about quantity of legendary relics, only the difference between S and S +. It must be fair.

One player can do nothing in War, not attack at all, but get reward S and two legendary relics. Another player can participate, spend time for War and get S+, but not a single legendary relics. This is completely unfair.

This kills motivation of players. If developers will make a fair reward, then it will increased the desire of players to participate in War.