Clan Training Rooms


So this is basically where clan leaders help their members to actually get better at the game. It’s some sort of mentoring mechanic actually.

How does this work? The clan leader can inspect the inventory of a fellow comrade who is new. That way, we won’t be having troubles when someone is in need of building a mech. No more “Hey do you have this? Do you have that? Great! Put it on!”.

And it’s also to actually give a clan leader a chance to actually “lead” a clan member. And also to actually recruit newer players into their clans, because usually, clan leaders go for an instant “shortcut” when it comes to recruiting members. (It means people only recruit Rank 1’s)

Where does this get newbies? Probably nowhere. I know the game is easy to learn n all but it will be great if we have an option to help hem improve in a massive way.


yeah im a newbie and supermechs and i basically cant do anything about building my mech


This sound interesting but wont be better put a building tool out of the game where you can chat with your members?
i mean i wish to know how would be some mechs but if i dont have the items i cant test, or i have the items but i dont want to modify my strategy in game just to see how it looks
would be i repeat a tool out of game and would be nice if its linked like the forum

@Yahiakh im new here i start since last christmas just try and keep red and orange items sometimes other items are usefull too, just try if works on bosses of campaign use it on arena, with the time youll get better things
the best tip i can give you for now is
if you got good weapons try to use a single type of damage
if you need to combine dont combine electric+heat its too heavy i tried that and dont work as well as using single dmg types


but wont it drain my ammo if i only use 1 type of damage?


i mean theyre 3 types of damage
explosive generates heat and can skip players turns but deal less dmg than others
electric drain energy and deal extra dmg when energy its 0
physical a lot of damage and generally drain resistance

the use of your ammo depends on your weapons build an estrategy


sound good to be honest