Clan that needs a good player

hello i am in need of a good clan that i can join

Junte se ao Clan das Sombras, aqui será tratado bem.

ىخ فاء ه شة شمم لخخي

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geh heast wos isn des füoan an waschl :question:

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sorry i accidentely switched my keyboard by using ctrl, shift, space

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hang on what?

Did you understood my sentence :question:


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not really

i am pretty sure it is german and is “something not for another something” that is all i got

It is german, but a very “hard” vienna dialect :grey_exclamation:

So even germans cannot understand it really :exclamation:


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صاشف يهي هف سشغ

what did it say?

best translate would be …

“Boahh what is that a nonsense”

it is arabic

and you wrote it in a different language because he did also :question:


lets keep doing it @bestplayerintheworld

And also @Reinaldo sorry already got one

(Es schneielet, es beielet,
Es goht en kiale Wind.
Und Maitli leget d’Hänsche-n-a.
Und d’Buebe laufet gschwind.)


i guess its as hard as wiennese…:rofl:

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Alles verstanden, nur “beielet” nicht :exclamation:

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you made me laugh so hard, i almost pissed myself.


oder besser…Es.wird schon dunkel…

in english you should say it’s getting dark…

Well…Yeah,this was interesting to watch
But that isn’t the topic of this post…

c’mon…there are mysterious ways for clan recruitment…:wink:

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