Clan T-shirt Design

I was bored, and decided to design this…

Would you wear something like this? Let me know what you think.


I never expected to see these logos on shirts. But holy hell, I’d definitely get one of these (for ea clan obv). Looks amazing!


I quite like it bro. Very well done. Id just remove “clan” in the back writtings, just leaving “hard to kill”

Edit: dont be shy and tag your clan mates… their point of views count more than ours…

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Yes maybe right. Just looks nice with longer flowing text. Maybe have clan members IGN there.

Edit response: It’s in the clan PM chat. Just thought I’d expose the idea to the community so others can use the idea.

It’s quite easy to vectorise the clan insignias, and t-shirt base colour should be the same as background of the insignia.

Works well with HTK insignia because of the black and red.

Yes, looks very good. Maybe you could figure a small spot for medals, besty would be very happy. Like on one of the sleeves or bottom right front side smthing like that.
A special one for besty with a necklessish medals ribbon :wink:

I like this a lot hope this actually happens

She would need XXXL to fit the medals. I don’t think she’s that large.

I kid. Not.

Just one bronze one silver and one gold with numbers under would fit well im sure bro (a small thing) Give it a shot

Is there a site that lets you design shirts?

There are quite a few out there, but this was done in Photoshop, with vector graphics created in Illustrator.

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If you don’t want to go the PS/Illustrator way. You can try

allows you to do nearly the same thing

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Can you do the same for Reign Reforged?

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Reign insignia would work well. Will cost you 1 plat plate.

Deal. There you go:
And two more just in case you are greedy:

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Shut up and take my money!

That’s amazing.
Hell yeah,I would wear that!

Thinking of BTB,I think it would also go with almost anything.
Plus it even sounds pretty cool.


Heck yes I would.

No one would get it but still. Amazing idea

i just had an idea that what if sm was so popular it never will be that everyone weared there clan shirt

That’s @Mr.E 's idea?

That. is. literally. what. this. muddafudging. thread. is. about.

Shut up and Take my money